Zutano Baby Cozie Fleece Furry Hat, Pagoda, 18M

The cozy fleece trapper hat is a beloved Zutano accessory that keeps your little one warm and protects the little ears of the wind. This stylish and functional hat has been updated to have a soft and comfortable faux fur lining. A velcro closure is located at the bottom of the ear cups and helps keep the fur cap in place. This adorable winter hat is the perfect addition to your baby 's wardrobe and also makes a great gift for baby showers and other special occasions. The Zutano fur trapper hat is the cutest accessory of cold weather. Keep the baby away from the elements while adding a unique look to every fall / winter outfit
This cozy cap features a fully lined and extra-lined sheep wool interior. soft. Baby girl or baby boy will be warm and happy in this special hat by Zutano
A velcro closure at the bottom of the ear flaps helps keep it tight and secure
Zutano cozie fleece is a renowned and unique fabric that is loved by parents around the world. Made of 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester, it is soft to the touch and is perfect for layering on cold mornings and during the fall and winter months. Discover the colorful line of cozie clothing and accessories from Zutano
Machine wash cold water; Do not bleach; tumble dry low; hot iron


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