Zutano Baby Boys V Room Short Sleeve Tshirt, Pool, 12 Months

Our super soft short-sleeved T-shirt is very well worn under our jackets and combined with Zutano pants. This super overlapping piece is essential to complete any three-piece signature outfit. Have fun creating an outfit specific to your child's personality and style. Two buttons on the shoulder facilitate the dress
Pair of trousers and hat Zutano for a perfect outfit all day
Zutano t-shirts screens, prints, prints Solids and Stripes
Our soft mesh interlock is smooth to the touch with just the right amount of thickness and elasticity. It is made of 100 percent cotton so it is gentle on baby's skin. This fabric that eliminates the body is beautifully soft and ideal for all day wear. Natural fibers are less likely to bend around the edges because of the way they are woven. Similar to jersey but thicker and more comfortable – a fabric to inhabit
Machine wash cold, do not bleach, tumble dry low, iron on low heat


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