Robeez Everyday Ethan Hard Sole Mini Shoe (Infant), Navy, 18-24 Months M US

Medical experts agree that when it is a matter of developing healthy little feet, it is best to walk barefoot. That's why these same experts recommend soft-soled soft shoes for infants and children. They are the best thing to be barefoot. Since our first steps, Robeez has adopted this philosophy. All of our shoes carry the prestigious seal of acceptance of the American Podiatric Medical Association, an accreditation granted only to products that promote the natural function of the foot. And with a soft sole designed to flex and bend, this is exactly what our shoes do. The best shoes imitate bare feet. Robeez shoes mimic bare feet flexing and bending at every step. Favoring, non-binding feet growing, they promote a good balance and unrestricted growth while protecting the little feet of the world. They also stay, with elastic dowels for a perfect fit. Using high quality leather and materials, Robeez shoes are both comfortable and durable, while their softer soles cushion the feet and promote traction, facilitating balance, promoting muscle growth and preventing slippage. From crawling to cruising, walking to running, inside and out, Robeez makes shoes and socks for newborns at age two that promote healthy foot development while being fashionable and fun.
Soft insoles and cushioned foam insoles for protection, comfort and flexibility for healthy foot growth
Elastic back and loop and hook closures provide "easy to use" functionality – see size chart
Inspired by Dad's sports shoes, Everyday Ethan is a sporty and fun addition with a white perforated leather body and navy blue suede embellished with faux laces and eyelets
Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association


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