Organic Toddler Girls Dress By [Zahi Organics] -100% Organic Cotton Dress

  • Handcrafted in India by the country's finest artisans
  • Every Purchase Help Artisan and his family and keeps the art alive in India.
  • Because we care about all aspects of our design and fit we also make sure that all are products are hypoallergenic .
  • . . Our pink butterfly print dress with ruffle sleeves is perfectly suited for any occasion be it a day at the park, a family reunion or a birthday party.
  • . The technique of dyeing and natural printing brings a unique feature to each dress.
  • In Zahi Butik Organics believes in the use of old craft techniques with simple and modern designs.

Washing tips: wash the maximum temperature of 30 ℃, machine washable, do not bleach, hang to dry, do not dry clean. Note: 1. Please make sure the size can be appropriate before ordering. Usually, choose size by "suggest size" If your baby is above average, take a larger size. 2.Please note that some colors may appear discolored or bleached. It's normal. The colors are oxidized, or evaporated in the air.

The most gentle organic cambric butterfly printing material. Dress with floating sleeves.
Detailed hemline with ruffles. Gathers at the waist
100% Indian organic cotton. 100% certified organic cotton G.O.T.S. Handcrafted by the best craftsmen of India.
LUXURY BIOLOGICAL COTTON: Made in a luxurious and breathable fabric. You will not find any transparent transparent material in our organic cotton baby clothes.
ALL NATURAL COLORS AND HERBS were used for this dress; only natural cotton shades are used because they come directly from Mother Nature! Dress lined with 100% recycled organic cotton. All our labels are made of ecological "seed" paper, where you can plant and observe your beautiful flowers. Go Green with Organic Products from Zahi Butik!


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