Nageuret Reusable Swim Diaper, Adjustable & Stylish Fits Diaper Sizes N-5 (8-36lbs) Ultra Premium Quality For Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts & Swimming Lessons (Fish- Red, Green, Blue)

Reusable bath diapers that are washable and adjustable

★ Are you tired of wasting money on disposable diapers?
★ Are you looking for an eco-friendly reusable bath diaper option that lasts longer than

Introducing the Beau & Belle LittlesTM NageuretTM reusable swim diapers:

★ Waterproof, adjustable and reusable swim diapers Suitable for all babies of size N to 5 (6-36 lb; -19.5in, 5.5in-10in legs)
★ Designed to keep solids in the bathing layer and protect others against accidents
★ Unique bath layer with snaps that fit around the waist and offer three different sizes ★ Width and length of the reusable bath layer.
★ 100% PUL waterproof polyester outer fabric with beautiful unisex patterns for your little one, Beautiful or Beautiful to swim with style.
★ Internal polyester mesh designed for easy washing and baby comfort.
★ Whether you're going on a beach vacation with your toddler, or going for a swim with your new baby, these are the perfect choices for your little swimmers

See our tests! Buyers of Amazon trust Beau & Belle LittlesTM to manufacture only the highest and highest quality swimming diapers that save money and preserve the environment . As a small family business, we will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchases, supporting them with our 1 Year Warranty Better Than Refunding You ; If you have problems with your reusable bath diapers, let us know, we will refund your money and and you will send a new reusable NageuretTM diaper of your choice! Beauregard (our son) loves to swim in any water (pool, tub, lake, ocean) and loves these reusable bath diapers, we are sure your little Beau or Belle will also love theirs 🙂
Save money, save the environment, and feel good about buying a small American family business – click Buy Now!

✅ SAVE HUNDREDS: ORDER THE BEST ECO-FRIENDLY REUSABLE SWIM LAYER What's better than looking enviably-cute, saving money, and saving the environment with your family? Unlike nationally branded disposable diapers, our swim diaper is reusable (bye-bye carbon footprint) and will last longer than larger, reusable single size brands as it fits between sizes N and 5 in size. layers (hello the savings)! SUPERIOR QUALITY, ADJUSTABLE, WASHABLE AND REUSABLE BED LAYER The Nageuret ™ reusable bath diaper range is designed for families who need high quality premium products. Washable and adjustable between 8 and 36 lbs, our CPSIA tested carabiners fit around the waist and legs with three different sizes, and three different size settings for the height of baby bath diapers.
✅ WATERPROOF & STYLISH 100% PUL waterproof and breathable polyester fabric with beautiful original prints so your little Beau or Belle can swim in style while avoiding the mass evacuation of your floating friends. The interior is a very soft premium polyester mesh designed to facilitate the washing and comfort of the baby. The unique fashionable designs are exclusively designed by Beau & Belle LittlesTM in Colorado. Remember: Only You Can Prevent Evacuations in the Pool
✅ ECO-FRIENDLY As a small family business in Colorado, the outdoors is a huge part of our life. In 2015, we decided to stop throwing away our money with disposable diapers (Huggies, Pampers, etc.) and developing a high-end washable, waterproof and reusable bath diaper alternative because we want as our son grows up in beautiful Colorado, we grew up.
✅ NO RISK + GIVING Our 1 year warranty better than the money back guarantee on every Reusable Swimming Layer NageuretTM ensures that if anything happens to your bath diaper, we will refund you any new bath coat of your choice! In addition, we donate 5% of our sales annually to Compassion International, which makes you feel good about your purchase. Save money, save the environment and save children in need. Nothing to lose: Click on Add to cart to have your baby Beau or Belle swimming today.


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