Luvable Friends Disposable Bibs, White, 12-Count

Our set of 12 pack disposable bibs is perfect for taking the car or traveling. These disposable bibs feature 3-layer protection that will help protect baby clothes from slime and spills. The padded upper layer is soft and soft on baby's skin to prevent irritation. The second absorbent layer helps to keep baby clean when it is drinking and drooling. The waterproof mount helps keep clothes dry in case of spills or damage. Velcro closure makes training easy and front pocket helps catch crumbs for less mess. Measuring a generous 8 x 9.25 inches, these bibs are perfect for use in hotels or when linen can not always be done. Measures 8 "x 9.25"
Front pocket helps catch crumbs
Easy closure on the back
Padded and absorbent 3-layer protection
Perfect in the car or on the road


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2 years ago

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