iplay Reversible Winter Wear Waterproof Baby Bunting (Hot Pink/Print, 18 Months)

Baby Bunting keeps baby warm, comfortable and safe in cold weather. The warm fleece inner layer, the waterproof outer layer and the hypoallergenic polyfill insulation provide ultimate warmth on the coldest days. The collar protects the baby's neck and chin from the wind for extra warmth. Parents love the diagonal zipper for easy donning, and it's machine washable. Reversible – one side is solid print and the other side with flowery prints for girls and monster prints for boys.High rise, inner layer in fleece and waterproof outer layer with hypoallergenic polyfill insulation.
Diagonal front zipper for easy opening and closing. Reversible – plain from one side and printed on the other side.
The collar protects the neck and chin. Elastic cap.
Folding wrists for hands and feet on 6-month and 12-month models only.
Materials: Polyester shell with impermeable coating; Polyester lining and filling. Machine washable


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