i play. Green Sprouts Little Boys Training Underwear Bundle: 2 Items – Two, 2 Packs – 3T, Blue Jungle

This is a pack with 2 items, including two sets of Green Sprouts Pack 2 underwear training. Reusable! The pull-up design is easy for the toddler to pull up and down while learning to form a pot. Wide ribbed leg band for a comfortable fit. The waterproof interlining to help contain small accidents allows toddlers to feel the moisture while minimizing accidents. Cotton ribs with 2 layers of padding sponge for more absorption.Bundle- 2 items: two sets of Green Sprouts 2 Pack training undergarments
The pull-up is easy to get on and off toddler while learning to propel
Materials are naturally absorbent without superabsorbent gels or harsh chemicals to keep your baby clean and happy. Waterproof baby items are all PVC free to protect against spills and damage. Waterproof layers prevent leakage while remaining durable and easy to clean.
Absorbent and breathable materials, without the use of powerful chemicals, reduce diaper rash and increase baby comfort.


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