i play. Baby Boys’ Trunks with Built-In Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper, Royal Blue Lobster, 12 Months

Baby can move freely while learning to swim in the game. Trunks with built-in reusable absorbent bath layer made of lightweight material, in a pull-on style. With the built-in bath diaper, baby does not need any other layer in the water. I play. is the original manufacturer of diapers and has a patented three-layer design. The absorbent liner helps prevent rashes, the inner absorbent layer helps protect against external damage and the waterproof outer layer works with waist and legs for secure protection against unhealthy and embarrassing accidents in the pool. The trunks come in fun colors for a diaper and an all-in-one swimsuit. With the durable, practical and machine washable fabric, baby can wear it again and again. Parents save money and enjoy the low environmental impact of reusable diapers. Diapers provide ultimate and safe protection for babies and swimmers
No other diapers needed
An integrated layer promotes swimming
Economical and creates less waste and reuse


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3 years ago

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