goumikids Newborn Organic Cotton Gift Set: Mitts, Booties, and Jamms Baby Gown (Magical Woods/Poppy, Newborn)

Goumi newborn bundle comes with a pair of gumimitts, a pair of goumiboots and a gummi. Our mittens and boots for newborns are available in size 0-3 months (6-15lbs / 2.5-7kgs) and our jams in Newborn size (for babies 5-7lbs / 2-3kgs).

Our innovative baby, the mittens remain, provide babies with comfortable protection against scratches and germs. All model choices promote brain and eye development in infants with contrasting, bold and reversible patterns. Our baby mittens and booties have been designed to stay in place with our two-piece closure system that stays secure and allows for an adjustable fit as your baby gets older.

Guys are the only sleepwear that includes non-scratching mittens, an extra-wide neck opening, and a convertible bottom that makes it easy to change diapers. Gumikids gummiums are soft, scratch-resistant, durable and smartly designed without the use of zippers to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Our baby pajamas remain within the reach of all restless and restless babies, with integrated gumimitts and a lower pocket for protection against scratches and germs. Flip the gloves over to keep small hands warm and free of claws.

Made from a durable blend of 70% viscose derived from bamboo and 30% organic washable organic cotton, all goumi products are gentle on baby's skin and gentle on the planet. This breathable material is naturally antimicrobial and environmentally friendly, allowing you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. All our products are pre-washed but when it is time to wash them, we recommend washing with delicate machine with cold or hot water and hanging them.

Our motto is simple: smart product, smart parents, smart baby. By creating smart products that are thought-out and sustainable, we are moving away from the buying-selling-selling cycle and moving to an integrated brand that makes the difference

YOUNG BIOLOGICAL SET INCLUDES: 1 pair Soft Stay-On Scratch Proof Baby Gloves , 1 pair of Stay-On soft baby booties, and our all-in-one all-in-one Smart Baby Baby multi-purpose pajamas, each product designed to fit newborns from 0-3 months weighing 6-15 pounds ( 2.5-7 kilograms)
BABY GLOVES SOFT GOUMIMTTS: Our baby mittens protect your baby with our luxuriously flexible mittens, featuring a unique two-piece closure combining a strong Velcro strap with a wide elastic, they will stay on anything and prevent your baby from scratching, rubbing and sucking fingers that can spread germs and cause irritation especially for children with skin conditions such as eczema or the s allergies
MORE COLD FOOT GOUMOTS: Thanks to our two-part closure system that uses Velcro and Ela These baby booties are adjustable to grow with your baby and keep the socks in place for a snug and comfortable fit. worries that will keep your baby's nipples warm
SMOOTH AND SMOOTHY GOUMIJAMMES: With our easy-to-wear Smart Baby Pajamas you'll have the convenience of changing diapers quickly, day and night, as well as the multifunctional design of our pajamas. which can easily be transformed into pajamas or bathrobes, in a newborn sleeping bag, to cover everything that moves and wiggles with folding non-scraping mittens
GIVING BACK TO OUR HEART: goumikids is founded and led by two moms whose mission is to create sustainable and innovative products that improve the lives of parents and babies. We strive to make a big difference and, to this end, we give 10% of all profits (and 100% of all gumigiving printed profits) to our non-profit partners


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