Gerber Baby 3 Piece Side Snap Mitten Cuff Shirt, Footed Pant & Cap, duck, 0-3 Months

Whether she is active or that she sleeps well, this one piece Gerber piece will keep baby warm and warm! Includes a side snap shirt with sewn muffle cuffs, a pair of leggings and a cap. The side snaps in the shirt make it easy to dress your little one. The wrists sewn into the mittens give you peace of mind knowing that small, pointed nails are safely hidden away from baby's delicate face. The trousers with legs keep the tiny little toes warm! she will love the soft, breathable feel of the 100% cotton ribbed fabric. The comfortable hood with comfortable cuff helps keep baby's head warm all day long. Creative designs and adorable applique and embroidery details. This set makes a complete outfit alone or individual pieces can be paired with other favorite wardrobe items to create custom looks! easy care fabric makes the laundry less of a chore.3-Piece take me home set includes a side snap shirt with mittens cuffs, leg pants, and cap
Side shirts stitched in mittens cuffs for practical protection against sharpened baby nails
Comfortable cuff design on the cap


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3 years ago

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