Stove Stoppaz Universal Kitchen Stove Knob Locks (5 Count) (Black)

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The best stove safety device on the market is right here! Simply place a Stove Stoppa behind the knob as shown in the photographs, until tight and that’s it! Pull it up and off when you’re ready to cook! Stove Stoppaz are ideal for any range, larger knobs, knobs spaced closely together, top or front mounted controls. Will Stove Stoppaz fit my stove? Yes they will, the majority of stoves have a small space behind each knob, as long as you can see this space, you can place a Stove Stoppa behind the control knob keeping it from being able to turn on. Stove Stoppaz fit securely on just about every and any gas or electric stove where you have to “push to turn” the burner control knobs, just be sure the space behind the knob is there and your good to go! The brilliant, patent pending Stove Stoppaz have been expertly designed around the numerous variables that come into play when considering the countless models of stoves on the market or in existing homes and apartments. For example, the diameter and depth of the control knob itself, or the gap behind the control knob to the stove surface, the depth and diameter of the knob’s shaft, spacing in between the knobs, and so on. Our design takes all of these into account and more, especially kids and pets who might try to use the stove without your knowing!Universal & secure fit!
Product Videos on our Face Book page Stove Stoppaz!
Works with gas & electric stoves, top or front mounted controls!
Keeps kids, pets, and you from accidentally turning the stove on!
Expertly engineered design that also looks amazing on your stove!


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