Round Corner Guards for Baby Proofing Your Home — (20 Pack) Use for Aquariums, Coffee Tables, Countertops and More – Transparent Guards – Edge Corner Protectors – 60 Extra Strong Adhesive Included

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That day your child takes their first step is going to the proudest day of your life. You will call up grandma and send her a video of your baby girl or boy taking those adorable, unbalanced steps into your arms. The whole family will be sharing videos of your littles ones amazing accomplishments!

Wait! Before you let your child roam around the house with their newfound freedom, have you baby-proofed your home? Electric sockets ✓ Small pieces ✓ Corners – NO. Buy this pack of 20 gel corner protectors by SunGrow today to prevent unnecessary accidents around your home. While baby is still getting their feet off the ground and wobbling around like a little drunkard, you should make sure all your corners are covered and cushioned!

Use on your coffee tables, countertops, dining room table, office desks, fish tanks and aquarium cabinets. If you have other baby height furniture make sure those are all covered as well.

How to Use:
Step 1: Clean the surface of the corner and of the guard

Step 2 : Attach the acrylic stick pads on all 3 corners of the gel guard

STep 3: Press down all the sticky sides onto the corner your want to protect. Hold for several seconds.

Product Specifications: Size: 20 pcs/pack

60 Acrylic sticky pads

Color: Transparent✔ VALUE PACK OF 20 CORNER PROTECTOR GUARDS — If you want baby proofing done for your home for your children or grandchildren, then this amazing value pack of 20 protectors will have ALL your corners covered. There are enough for your kitchen table, dining room table, living room furniture and any other corners!
✔ ROUNDED CORNER GUARDS FOR KEEPING YOUR BABY SAFE — When babies are just starting to walk they are a little wobbly, unbalanced and well prone to accidents. Prevent any bangs, scrapes and bruises by placing these rubber corner guards strategically around your home.
✔ USE THESE CORNER GUARDS FOR AQUARIUMS — Perhaps your aquarium juts out slightly with sharp corners or the shelf it stands on is at just the right height for baby to bump into. These transparent corner guards will not only protect your aquarium cabinet from wear and tear, it will also protect babies and toddlers who are not so careful about where they are going.
✔ EXTRA STRONG ADHESIVE WON’T FALL OFF — The extra strong corner guards with 60 adhesive tapes included are simple to apply and will have a very strong sticking quality. The high-quality PVC material is non-toxic and safe for child-proofing your environment. We use these special gel corner guards to give you long-lasting protection, and giving moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas – a peace of mind.
✔ TRANSPARENT TO BLEND IN WITH ALL YOUR FURNITURE — Universal corner guards can be placed on any type of corner. The clear corner guards will blend in with black, white, beige or any other color. This means it’s not eye catching for babies and they won’t be attracted to it. They are simply the perfect product for cushioning sharp corners or dangerous edges.


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