BIG SALE Big Baby Proofing Safety Kit- 63 PIECE SET With 8 Strap, 8 Latch and 8 Clip Locks, 20 Corner & Edge Protectors, 13 Electric Outlet & Plug Covers, 2 Outlet Keys & 2 FREE Baby On Board Stickers

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If You Are A Parent You Know That There Is Nothing More Important Than Keeping Your Angel Safe. This Is Why You Have To Baby Proof Your Place! And This Is Why This Child Protection Supplies Kit Is A Must Have For You!

Babies love wandering in the house, trying to explore everything that lies around them.

However, even though this might look cute, it can prove extremely dangerous! What happens if they open a cabinet full of detergents?

What if they open drawers that contain heavy things? How can you make sure they won’t sneak in the bathroom, trying to sink their little hands in the toilet bowl?

We bet that you cannot be present every single moment, but it only takes a second for an accident to happen.

This is where we step in! Silky Smooth Baby presents you with an amazing baby proofing supplies set which includes all you need to eliminate any danger.

With a variety of Cabinet Locks, Edge Protectors, Electrical Outlet Covers With Keys And TWO BONUS Baby On Board Sticker For Your Car

This incredible baby proofing kit is bound to meet all your demands and serve all your needs!

Featuring 8 baby safety strap locks, 8 safety clip locks, 8 safety latch locks, 20 corner bumper guards and 13 electrical outlet covers with 2 outlet keys, this child proofing set will allow you to secure cabinets, drawers, kitchen appliances, toilet seats, furniture, plugs and more!

As a result, your babies will have no access to places where you keep soaps, alcohol, detergents and sharp cutting utensils.

Moreover, your little ones will be protected from edges that might injure them, as well as from the danger of accidental electrocution.

Last but not least, the two car stickers, which are added free, will assure maximum safety while driving with your angel on board.

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KEEP YOUR BABY SAFE, HAPPY AND PROTECTED: Having a baby is a life changing experience and a true blessing! Those beautiful little angels are all about having fun and exploring the world around them! However, this is exactly why they usually put themselves in danger! Now, you can baby proof your place and keep your special little one safe at all times!
SECURE CABINETS, DRAWERS AND KITCHEN APPLIANCES: This amazing set includes everything you need to turn your place into a safe, kid friendly environment. The baby strap lock and the latch clip lock will help you keep cabinets, drawers, kitchen appliances, fridges and toilet seats securely locked and shut. As a result, your little ones will have no way of gaining access and reaching dangerous soaps, detergents and alcoholic drinks. Let them wander around the home and enjoy peace of mind!
PREVENT INJURIES AND ACCIDENTS: Apart from the baby proofing locks, this kid safety kit includes corner bumper guards and electrical outlet covers too. This means that you can prevent unpleasant situations varying from minor injuries to electrocution. Do not think twice! Make this protection child proofing set yours and eliminate any lurking danger.
YOU GET AN AMAZING BONUS ITEM: Along with all those incomparably handy baby protection items, you will also receive a baby on board sticker for your car at no additional charge! Your one and only will be safe indoors and while taking a short or long trip with you.
A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY PARENT: Apart from making this baby proofing kit yours, you can also offer it as a gift to someone you love and put a big smile on their face! The top quality, the wide variety and the unmatched versatility make this baby protection and safety set ideal for baby showers, birthdays and any occasion! Be sure that parents will thank you from the bottom of their heart.


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