BENVAX(TM) Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Teething and Drooling Bib, 4 Pack Gift Set, Burp Cloths for Girls and Boys, Eco Friendly, Waterproof, Washable (Girl #1)

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High Quality Cotton Material

Whether you’re using these drool bibs as burb cloths or a teething scarf, you can count on the high quality material to feel soft against your baby’s skin. Your baby’s skin is sensitive, so use only premium quality cotton on his or her skin. Our high quality cotton is not only soft but very durable as well. You can expect it to last long enough to be handed down to your little one’s new brother or sister.

Quality Stitching, Adorable Designs

Enjoy four beautiful embroidered designs, one on each of our drool and teething bibs. You’ll be delighted by new design each time you change your baby’s drool bib. They embroidery is stitch with an amazing attention to detail that you can see in every adorable design.

Waterproof and Absorbent

Our baby drool bibs are waterproof, protecting your little ones skin from the irritation of damp fabric. Babies can’t help but drool when they’re teething, and wet fabric on their skin can be irritating. Our drool bibs protect your baby and help keep him or her comfy and dry. Our baby drool bandanas are also very absorbent, holding a lot more drool than you thought possible. High absorbency means you won’t have to change them as much as other bibs.

Eco-Friendly and Washable

Help keep our Earth and environmentally friendly place by reusing these washable baby drool bibs. Designed to be machine washable, these baby drool bibs make your life easier.

A Perfect Gift

Packaged beautiful in a four pack, this adorable baby drool bibs make the perfect baby shower gift. No mother can ever have enough baby drool bibs, and these high quality cotton burp cloths will let the mom-to-be just how much you care about her and her baby.

Add our four pack of baby drool bibs to your shopping cart now, as a wonderful gift to yourself or for the mom-to-be in your life!

  • Soft and Absorbent – Our teething and drooling bandanas are soft against your baby’s sensitive skin. They’re also very absorbent, keeping your newborn infant comfortable and dry.
  • Pack of Four – Our drool bibs 4 pack comes complete with everything you need to keep your baby dry and drool free. Whether she’s teething, drooling or burping, these bibs will keep her dry.
  • Waterproof Bibs – Our dribble bibs are waterproof, adding another layer of protection between your baby’s skin and wetness from teething and drooling.
  • Cute Embroidered Designs – These baby drool bibs for boys and girls feature cute embroidered designs that are stitch to last through the all the washings that they’ll need.
  • Eco Friendly, Washable – Our high quality cotton drool bibs are eco friendly and washable. You’ll help keep the Earth a greener place when you use our washable drool bibs for your baby.

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