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We have been working in a family business for 30 years to make hanbok. So, we could provide the good price and the best quality.
We call the first anniversary as “dol” (돌) or “doljanchi” (돌잔치) in Korean. The baby would dress the Hanbok on the first birthday.
Dol hanbok consists of follow-ups for baby girls.
hanbok – jeogori means top and chima means skirt. belt – call doltti. it contains parents’ wishes for baby luck, long life, health, well-being, etc. norigae and hangdae is a skirt accessory. made by Korean embroidery and strap art. daenggi, jobawi (hat) and hair band is accessory. In addition, daenggi means celibate. So baby and girl wear the daenggi. beoseon is socks. Girl’s shoes called flower shoes because of embroidery. And the pocket is intended to contain the lucky ones.
The first birthday ceremony is for baby’s health and wealth


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