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Infants Need Proper Sleep

Newborns need not only the right amount of sleep but also a high quality of sleep. If your infant’s head is not positioned correctly it could disturb his or her sleep, keeping his or her brain and body from growing as fast and healthy as it should. Our pillow puts your infant into an ergonomically correct position, keeping his or her head aligned with the spine. It is in this position that air flow is optimum and that the best sleep is achieved. A baby that has high quality restful sleep is a happy, healthy, and thriving baby.

Prevent and Correct Flat Head Syndrome

Our ergonomic heart shape pillow is designed to prevent and correct mild cases of flat head syndrome. Flat head syndrome occurs when a baby’s head develops a flat spot due to pressure on that area. Babies are vulnerable because their skull is soft and pliable when they’re born. Use our pillow to position your newborn’s head properly. The cut out in the pillow allows air to circulate, keeping your infant’s head from overheating as well as allowing room to support your infant’s head so that it does not become flat through pressure. Keeping the head and neck in alignment with the spine is an added benefit to restful sleep.

Highest Quality Materials

Covered with organic cotton, and filled with bamboo memory foam, this positioning pillow is made with materials that will not irritate a newborn’s sensitive skin. Plush and soft, this positioning pillow also provides the support your baby needs to sleep well and have his or her head protected. Don’t allow your baby’s head to become misshapen with flat head syndrome, add our heart shaped positioning pillow to your cart now and ensure that your newborn gets the restful sleep he or she needs to grow up healthy!
PROTECT YOUR BABY – Prevent your little one from obtaining a flat head! Our SweeterbabyTM infant pillow is designed to keep your newborn’s head in alignment with their spine. This, along with the structure of our pillow creates perfect positioning for your little one! Prevent your baby’s head from being misshaped by using our pillow!
COMFORTABLE – Soft and supple, bamboo memory foam provides an amazing amount of comfort while still providing the necessary support to keep your infant’s head in perfect alignment. This pillow gives your baby the gentle and supportive positioning that he or she needs.
SAFE & GENTLE – Covered with organic cotton, our SweeterbabyTM infant pillow is created to feel soft and smooth against your newborn’s skin. Made with cotton that was never treated with chemicals, this pillow is the perfect companion for your baby’s sensitive skin.
USE ANYWHERE – Easy to use, this pillow will help correct your baby’s head position in a wide variety of places such as the crib, bed, car seat, stroller, and anywhere your infant’s head needs to be properly positioned.
REVITALIZING SLEEP – A growing infant needs high quality sleep to grow into a healthy child. Our SweeterbabyTM baby pillow is designed to cradle your infants head in the perfect sleeping position, allowing unobstructed breathing for a deep revitalizing sleep.


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