Wendin Toddler Kids Dinosaur Backpack with Leash

Product Description:

Size: Dimensions: 10.8 * 8.4 * 4.8 inches. Tail of about 6.5 inches long
Fancy details make it the perfect pack for travel!
This is an ideal backpack for school, very durable and sturdy
The fabric used is strong and double

It's a very good little size for snacks, some small toys, etc. They now carry their own bottles, diapers, wipes, toys and snacks, which also gives them a lot of entertainment. Large size for toddlers of almost two years. The backpack contains a lot more than you think; a change of clothes, 6 disposable diapers, a small pack of wipes, a large bib, a sunscreen / hat and a few other small items. Perfect for a grandmother's day
Cotton blend, imported, hand wash
Material: nylon, canvas
Dimensions: 8.4L x 4.8W x 10.8H inches. Tail of about 6.5 inches long
Item type: Schoolbag, backpack, shoulder bag
For the crowd: children, infants


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2 years ago

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