Valourgo Travel Containers TSA Airline Approved 1.25oz Leak Proof Cute…

About Valourgo
The Valourgo Outdoor Travel Shampoo Bottle has been designed by those who enjoy outdoor activities. This design is guaranteed to have the most wearable product available today.

Why choose Valourgo travel bottles?
Today, we are more and more mobile. Moving effortlessly throughout the day, from work to play, to sports or travel to work and pleasure, our way of life is more fluid and dynamic than ever. We are surrounded by solutions to simplify, organize and streamline our lives – but the options for carrying our toiletries seem to be inadequate.

Perfect capacity for TSA
Have you ever met when you pass the airport security check they do not allow to bring the toiletries?
Marked capacity on the body of silicone bottles, making it a child's game thanks to the airport security. They are approved by the TSA.

Perfect size for luggage
Can fit easily into a suitcase, backpack, toiletries or gym bag, so you can pack your favorite skin and shower products wherever you go.

Flexible materials
The body of the soft silicone container for the trip, like the baby's face, allows you to easily remove the last drop of shampoo.

How to use and note the travel bottles
1. Fill the bottles to 80-90% only, as the caps may not clog properly.
2.Travel comfortable products.
▲ TSA Airline Approved: Set of 3 PCS travel cosmetic containers, perfect for use with cond, sun, shampoo, soap, lotion and more. ValourGo Travel Set can be easy to transport without checking at the airport. Take it with you and enjoy your trip.
▲ Material Safety: ValourGo travel containers are made from 100% BPA-free, FDA-approved food grade silicone, 100% safe for cond, sun, shampoo, soap, lotion.
▲ 100% LEAKAGE: ValourGo anti-leak travel bottles are designed with a 100% anti-leak design. You do not have to worry about leaking travel bottles and making everyone uncomfortable.
▲ Cute and funny design: Bottle travel accessories are designed in cute and smart design form, and with wide mouth design for easy filling. Switchable label, each travel bottle label contains 5 silver tags (Shamp./Sap/Lotion/Cond
▲ Easy to carry: Pack of 3 leak-proof travel bottles of 1.25 oz In a PVC bag, do not occupy space in luggage. It is very easy to carry outdoor trips.


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