Travelambo Neck Wallet and Passport Holder Travel Wallet with RFID Blo…

STAY ORGANIZED – Our purse does not only have pockets, it has 6 pockets for a specific purpose, designed to meet specific needs. You will have a place for paper money (without having to fold it), coins, a driver's license and credit cards, as well as several passports. Most smartphones will hold even in big pockets.

VERSATILE USE OPTIONS – Wear the wallet on the inside or outside of your shirt, on your chest or hip, or in your pants. Everything is kept inside the purse, unlike other travel wallets with a clear plastic sleeve on the front that will show your license if it is worn outside of your clothes. The neck strap can be easily adjusted with the help of the thin flat loop.

We can not guarantee that this SPECIAL PRICE will last, so make sure you get the savings by clicking Buy Now!

RFID LOCKING DETAILS – The RFID blocking hardware is designed to block the 13.56 MHz frequency, the same frequency used for RFID tags in passports and credit cards. It may not block the commonly used low frequency RFID technology for objects such as animal tags and employee access cards. It will not block the signals of the cell phone.

1 YEAR WARRANTY, our warranty covers any defects caused during the production and delivery of the product. We can offer you a full refund or a free replacement, depending on your convenience.
PROTECT YOUR OBJECTS VALUE AND AVOID IDENTITY FLIGHTS: RFID blocking equipment will prevent thieves and scammers from scanning your personal belongings such as passports and credit cards. Made of durable tear-resistant nylon
AVOID PICKPOCKETING: The neck wallet allows you to keep your money, credit cards, passports and other important items directly on your body, making it almost impossible for pickpockets to go unnoticed.
Lightweight and comfortable to wear: thanks to its lightweight material, it is easy to carry and the well-designed webbing and breathable mesh back will be comfortable on clothing or skin.
ORGANIZED STAY: 6 pockets per room for all your important items. HOLD MULTIPLE PASPORTS. Two zipped pockets: one to hold money without bending it, the other is perfect for coins and keys.


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