Toddler harness walking leash- child anti lost wrist link – child safety harness – 2 pack (4.9ft & 8.2ft )- child safety wrist link – 2 Bonus Whistles

What's Included

You'll get 2 anti-wrist loss kids links that come in 4.9ft orange and 8.2ft blue color. In addition, you will receive 2 COLOR SIFFLES IN SORT as a BONUS to be used for pleasure or safety. Teach your child to whistle when he sees something suspicious! See something, say something.

Product Advantages:

This is an excellent article for smart mothers who want to introduce freedom while keeping their toddlers and babies safe during family activities. Using child hölm wrist straps gives parents peace of mind.

Parents of preschool children in the process of running can use this anti-lost leash for their children during festivals, vacations, trips, zoos and other large open spaces crowded. Our cufflink system is unobtrusive and attracts less attention than a backpack leash.

Free your hands: All you need to do is connect our toddler safety harness to your child's wrist, stroller, backpack or belt and they will stay close!

Product Features

The anti-lost wrist hölm link is designed to meet the needs of parents. It ensures the safety of children while they are next to you and allows them to explore their environment. This harness is made of high quality materials, safe and comfortable to ensure the safety of children.

Made of 100% cotton, adjustable straps allow it to fit most wrists. It even has an anti-pinch and anti-tingle function on this child's child wrist links.

It has an elasticity of 4.9 feet for the orange color leaves baby and 8.2 feet for the blue color. You have a size for any occasion.

Order this hölm bracelet link for your toddlers and babies now and have your peace of mind!


This is not a toy. Children should not use it alone. This article is not an aid to walking or training. Avoid strong tugs when connected to your child. SPIRIT PRACTICE – The Hölm Child Safety Bracelet will give you peace of mind by keeping toddlers nearby while giving them a little autonomy. The baby harness consists of a harness [2 Pack]: 4.9ft orange and 8.2ft Blue
COMFORTABLE AND SAFE – This child safety harness comes with soft cotton bracelets for toddlers, with a breathable material and a double layer anti-puncture hook and loop closures. It has soft, double layer of Velcro tape for children's hands for comfort and safety. This baby walking harness comes with a BONUS of 2 whistles with neck straps included for added safety.
VERSATILE AND DURABLE – These children's harnesses feature 360-degree rotating connectors that protect the wrists of toddlers against erratic movement. The child safety harness comes with a solid retractable steel cord covered with a durable, smooth plastic. It can not be cut without specialized tools.
EASY TO USE – an armband of this baby-soft harness connects to the adult wrist and the other connects to the child's wrist. For more comfort, you can adjust the toddler's strap and the adult strap. In this way, the harness is a unique proposition!
NO WANDERING OFF – This harness harness for toddlers and baby safety harnesses is lightweight and gives your toddlers the freedom to walk while keeping loved ones at the same time so that they do not run away. You can even connect leashes for toddlers to your stroller, backpack or adult hand; Perfect for supermarkets, parks, malls, airports and crowded places!


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