Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch

Tiny Love Stroller Arch's colorful toys are perfect for stimulating your newborn's vision. As your baby gets older, the toys are perfect for hand-eye coordination. At first, babies randomly hit the toys that make them swing, but they gradually learn to control their hands and manage to hit the toys deliberately. The toys are designed to be easily held and withstand the exploration of the mouth and scrub babies like to give. The flexibility of the Sunny Stroll allows you to moderate the level of stimulation offered with a simple adjustment of the arcade to modify the toys that are in the field of vision of your baby. You can also bend the bow so that your baby can focus on one or two of the toys only if you feel that he is being stimulated too much. The adjustable bow is also designed to accommodate a variety of stroller styles and easily attaches with the universal clip. Flexible arch folds forward, backward, upward and downward, making it compatible with age and play preferences. ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 8 different activities to foster development of the baby.
CAUSE AND EFFECT OF TEACHING: The baby-activated helix encourages the essential learning of causes and effects.
INTERESTING TEXTURES: Each toy has fun and captivating textures that captivate baby. Vibrating Ball with Cracked Texture
NATURAL DEVELOPMENT: The easy-to-grasp teething toy promotes healthy and natural development. Bee rattle. Transparent Solar Prism
EASILY ATTACHED: A universal clip is suitable for strollers and bassinets.


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