Tike Smart Luxury Clean-Edge Kick Mat – Seat Back Protector and Seat Cover with Invisible Strap and Stiff Edging – Black (1 Mat)

Premium Kick Mat Tike Smart – the best seat protector on the market. 1 carpet Buy 2 or more and get 10% off! Other seat back protections flop and ride, with a dog's ear look. Our kicking protection is made with a stiffness of the upper part of the full span for a perfect and clean look without splitting or creasing. Other kick mats have unsightly straps that hinder your way and cause discomfort in your back. Our seat back protector features our unique "invisible strap" that slides perfectly between the backrest and the seat cushion, keeping it out of your way and invisible from the front of your seat. The "invisible strap" also pulls the protector down for a perfectly clean look. This file protector is for the demanding buyer who wants the best product available. Our car seat protector will allow you to ride in style, with beige (beige), gray (gray) and black options that match your interior leather or upholstery, while protecting the leather interior. your car against dirt, sand, water and mud. and wear marks left by children's shoes, children's feet or your dog's muddy paws. This seat protector utilizes waterproof PVC coated polyester fabric of the highest quality and superior workmanship. Simple to install – clicks up using only two loops. Clean wipes in seconds with a damp cloth. The generous size of 22 "x 17.25" and the adjustable and elastic straps fit most small and medium sized cars, vans and vans and SUVs. Can also be used as a car seat cover for the front of your 2nd or 3rd row seat, for use with rear-facing car seats! We support our products 100% for life – this file cover is guaranteed to last and guaranteed to meet your expectations – or your money back. Please note: The "Invisible Strap" fits to the gap between the backrest and the seat cushion, and it is compatible with most cars – see photo "Instructions" at the top of this list and ensure compatibility with your car seats FLEET OR WRINKLE WON: T: The exclusive "Clean-Edge" semi-rigid upper edging gives this kick protector a clean, crisp look, without wrinkles or wrinkles – Guaranteed! The best, most innovative of all car seat back protectors and car seat covers on the market! 1 seat protection – automatic 10% off 2 or more (see below for more details). From a black color that matches the leather or interior upholstery of your car.
NO MESS – The exclusive "invisible strap" keeps the kickstand attachment strap carefully hidden at the front of your seat (see below for details). With one of our car seat protectors, you can have kids and a nice car too!
BEST MATERIALS FOR INSTANT AND EASY CLEANING – Clean the smooth surface with a damp sponge. Durable polyester fabric, easy to clean. The 22 "x17.25" size makes this mat an excellent child safety seat accessory and auto accessory – suitable for most small and medium sized cars, vans, pickups and SUVs. Better seat protection than a car backrest organizer, without messy pockets. Easy to install, with a lifetime money back guarantee!
THE PERFECT CAR SEAT PROTECTOR and car seat cover to protect your leather or upholstery fabric, scratches, scuffs, dirt, mud and other damage left by children and children's shoes and feet dirty, muddy or wet. NOTE: The "Invisible Strap" fits into the space between the backrest and the seat (works with most car seats) – please see the "Instructions" photo above and ensure compatibility with the seats of your car. We love our guests, and they love this 5-star carpet!


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