Think King Jumbo Swirly Hook for Strollers/Walkers, Brushed Aluminum/Black

Perfect hook for your stroller's push bar to hold multiple diaper bags, handbags or shopping bags. No clip means that you can thread and remove items with one hand and that the unique shape of the spiral allows you to keep your bag safe. The hook is easy to attach with a grab hook and strap that will fit any bar, but will not slip or fall off. Made of strong, lightweight aluminum, these hooks are designed to last longer than your stroller. To avoid tipping over, always remove the items from the hook before removing the child from the stroller. This is the original Swirly Hook, ideal for multiple bags and wide bag handles on a stroller.
Easy to attach with a hook and loop strap will not slip
Reinforced triple layer webbing that will not tear, not all metal parts will break
The swirl form of the hook provides additional safety and security items easily threaded in one hand
Weight 15 lbs. limit (stay safe and do not overload)


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2 years ago

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