The Only Drawstring Mosquito Net for Baby Strollers, Car Seats , Bassinets and Carriers – Ultra Fine Mesh Protection Against Mosquitos, No-See-Ums and tiny bugs n…

NEW – Larger net size at 44 "x 53" AND Our net now features a gender neutral gray trim replacing the previous purple.


DRAWSTRING – The cord pulls the net away from your baby's face and seals any gaps where insects can sneak and bite.

NO LACUNE – The other nets leave a lot of space and a lot of excess fabrics wrap around us – Our drawstring eliminates empty spaces when we pull it too much strong. So, insects can not enter and the net does not fall into your baby's face.

SUPER FINE MESH – We have seen complaints about our competitors using only 156 or 225 holes / sq. thumb. So our net has more than 1000 holes per square inch guaranteed to keep insects as small as midges, black flies and blind people away from your baby.

LIGHT + COMPACT – at only 3.2oz its light and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Net dimensions: 48 "long by 44" wide. Big enough to hold even a twin stroller.

NO CHEMICALS – As caring parents, we do not want to expose our baby to chemicals or noxious repellents at all. The net is the perfect physical barrier for your precious baby, so no toxic chemicals need to be used.

BABY GIFT – The perfect gift for a baby shower or friends and family. The nets come with a drawstring pouch and are packaged in a professionally designed gift box.

To quote a recent client: # This is one of those easy-to-understand products that you do not really need until you've tried it, that's been a game changer for my family. – Thank you very much for your CD review!

We created this net ourselves to give the best possible protection to our own baby. So we have been very careful, no … we have Obsessed on how to innovate, and we have created the best product available that keeps small insects and offers better protection for your precious baby than any other net available. 19659002] (sorry … but toy animals are not included!) A UNIQUE DRAWSTRING – Our patent pending drawstring keeps the net (and insects) away from your baby's face – by pulling in the excess net to create a natural waterproof insect repellent. fence. Our customers say: I absolutely love it !!! & I love my Timbuktoo mosquito net!
NEW LARGE SIZE: now 46 "x 53" – larger than other nets sold on Amazon. Our net has been tested and fits all strollers, car seats, buggies, joggers and strollers, including a double stroller. Our unique cord feature means that, regardless of the size of the stroller or carrier, the excess fabric is stretched to close any spaces where insects can sneak.
FINE MESH QUALITY – More than 1000 holes per square inch – the smallest insects that ordinary 300-hole mosquito nets can not. Our high quality net is guaranteed to keep your toddler safe and not to bite black flies, gnats and the blind, naturally without using Deet or other chemicals.
PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT a pretty gift box. It also easily fits in the free storage bag that we include, which can be hung from a stroller handle or thrown in your bag.
FREE CHEMICAL – no DEET or other chemical repellents, which is great for sensitive skin environment. 100% GUARANTEE: If you have problems with your mosquito net we have a 30 day money back policy. So you can buy with confidence and without risk.


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