The Noggle – Making the Backseat Cool Again – Vehicle Air Conditioning System to Keep Your Baby / Children Cool and Comfortable When Traveling in the Car – Works …

The Noggle – makes the back seat still cool. The Noggle is a patented solution to control the air temperature in the back seat of your car to make it comfortable for all passengers, especially children. If you have ever experienced the scorching heat of summer in states like Florida, Arizona and Nevada, you will understand that it is almost impossible to maintain a comfortable temperature in the backseat of your car. The Noggle gets to work in seconds, helping to prevent sweats, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for babies and children at these temperatures. During the summer months, the backseat of a parked car can reach over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Placing your child in the vehicle at the beginning of your trip can put them at risk for heat stroke and extreme discomfort. The Noggle is here to help you; the patented air inlet connects to your dashboard and sends air directly from the dashboard to your kids at the back, ensuring a controlled air distribution in your vehicle. The Noggle can also keep kids warmer and more comfortable during the extreme cold of the winter months. The Noggle system installs easily and will work on almost any vehicle. The Noggle is available in several lengths: 6 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet. Each purchase includes a circular and rectangular ventilation adapter and is available in a variety of models and colors. The end of the tubing will attach to many areas of your vehicle, such as the rear of the headrest, the car seat, the rear seat handle, the seatbelt rear seat safety and seat. Children also like to hold the Noggle in their hands. The Noggle also features a quick disconnect system, allowing you to easily remove the Noggle from the dashboard when traveling alone or when the car is at the desired temperature. Do not let your loved ones be uncomfortable, you are in control. Make traveling by car safer and more comfortable and buy a Noggle today, you will wonder how you lived without it. REALIZE THE BACKSEAT COOL STILL – the Noggle expands fresh air directly from your vehicle to the back seat; Prevent and protect your children from overheating the car during hot summer days
6 FOOT LENGTH, BLACK ICE DESIGN – the Noggle is available in different lengths and designs, check the dimensions of your vehicle before d & # 39; buy; easily stored when not in use
SUPER EASY TO INSTALL AND START – Noggle easily installs / removes second; includes rectangular and circular dashboard plate adapters that will work in most vehicles
VERSATILE AND MULTIPLE – the Noggle is also designed for winter conditions and transfers heat to the back seat; it also works brilliantly for your pets who can travel in the car
A MUST-HAVE FOR PARENTS – buy peace of mind; Reduce the risk of heat stroke and uncomfortable, sweating babies and children when traveling in the car so you can focus on driving


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