Super Wings – Robo Rig | Toy Vehicle Set |, Includes Transform-a-Bot Jett Figure | 2″ Scale

"I am Dizzy and I am ready to be rescued!"

On the hit Super Wings, Dizzy, a pink rescue helicopter, is always ready to save the day. Although she is the smallest member of the team, she is incredibly strong, and the reference helicopter when Jett is in trouble. She always knows exactly what to do when a problem occurs.

This set includes two transforming vehicles: Dizzy's Rescue Tow vehicle, seen in the Preschool's Super Wings show, and the Dizzy's character that transforms the 2 "scale.

Dizzy's Rescue Tow – Easily converts from a 7 "Super Robot vehicle to a Rescue Tow vehicle with a towing hook and real work wheels.

Dizzy Digitizer Convertible to Scale 2 "- Transforms the vehicle into the robot in 3 easy steps, has real working wheels and fits easily into the vehicle's Rescue Tow cab.

Live all the adventures of Jett together! Recreate the favorite missions of the popular preschool TV show – including when Dizzy used his rescue balloons to help save the pirate ship, Woodbeard, from the cave in the British Virgin Islands. – Or when Dizzy helped save the penguins from a powerful storm when they were heading to Antarctica! – Or create their new rescue adventures with their imagination!

Batteries not required.

The Super Wings team is ready to face any work – small or large – that it's all about navigating the rocky rocks of a volcano, to deliver a tracker or hunt and capture a pack of cubs, the Super Wings on patrol.

With the help of Sky from the World Airport Tower, the team is always on the lookout for children who need help. As vehicles or robots, the team is always ready to transform and use teamwork in any mission to save, help and teach children that there is a solution for everything.


It's time to do a great update! This set includes two transformative vehicles: Jett's Robo Rig seen in the very popular Super Wings preschool show and the scalable Jett action figure 2 "
Jett is confident, positive, full of curiosity and nonsense. never hesitates to try new things, with everyone at the international airport and he likes to travel and deliver parcels to children around the world.
Robo Rig from Jett – Easily transforms from Robot Rig to near 7 "to Robo Rig with a ladder that extends and real working wheels.
Jett transformable into 2 "scale – Transforms from vehicle to robot into 3 simple steps, has real working wheels and easily inserts into the Robo Rig's cabin.
Robot Rig by Jett and Jett 2 "convertible are for preschool Super Wings fans Jett is young, confident and very fast Join Jett and his adorable transformer friends, the Super Wings, who roam the world to deliver parcels, solve problems and help aro boys and girls and the world in the preschool show to success. Each delivery is a unique adventure filled with new cultures, languages ​​and new friends!
Super Wings is a high-flying preschool series that takes geography to new heights!
Includes a Jett Robo Rig toy and a 2 "convertible Jett toy scale.


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