Stroller Bar for Babyzen YoYo and Yoyo+ – Armrest, Handle, Bumper and Crossbar – Oxford Cloth – by Neutral

Do you like your Babyzen YoYo stroller but would you like to have a handlebar? We have the solution! This armrest and bumper bar is compatible with the YoYo + stroller, and snaps into one second! He even went home perfectly when you fold him too!

Product Features

• Bumper bar for YoYo stroller
• Foldable with stroller
• Inner layer of foam
• Zipper

Our Neutral buggy bumper bar Add an extra layer of protection for your child to help keep him safe when he leans to see the world. It also offers a bar to attach toys and other items to the stroller.

Extraordinary protection against collisions

Let's be realistic, walking around in a crowded area with a stroller is difficult. With all the people, trees, walls and many other obstacles, directing a stroller can become a difficult task even for the most talented nannies. Accidentally bumping into a border can hurt the baby in hindsight. Do not worry anymore because our bumpers have been designed to protect the baby from any possible collision. No matter what you encounter, the padded bar will keep your baby comfortable and free of any potential damage that may have occurred. If babies could talk, they would thank you every day for protecting them by equipping their beloved strollers with one of our bumpers!

Choose one of two wonderful materials!

The PU leather bar looks great and will fit your YoYo stroller perfectly with its sleek design, so your baby is the coolest kid! The faux leather material also allows for an easy-to-wipe surface for any mess that your child can make.

The Oxford Cotton Bar is more durable and waterproof so that it is not damaged in the rain. Its thickness also helps protect against the strongest impulses your baby has to minimize potential damage. STRONG CUSHION FOR GREAT PROTECTION: Protects your baby wherever you go with our flexible and flexible bumper that will fit perfectly into the Babyzen YoYo stroller frame.
QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Mounting the bar on the YoYo + stroller could not be easier. It is designed to be installed in seconds, and all it takes to attach is to hang from the frame!
FOLDS WITH YOUR STROLLER: Our armrest is part of your stroller, and it folds easily with your stroller so you never have to remove it when you store or fold your stroller.
CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: This bar is available in PU leather (faux leather) or waterproof Oxford fabric. Each is made with superior quality materials, and is designed for sustainable use.
PADDED SUPPORT: This armrest stroller bar has an extra layer of foam on the inside for extra comfort, and the outer cover can be zippered on or off for quick and easy cleaning.


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