Rubbermaid Back Seat Food Tray Car Interior Organization Convenient Sturdy Large Tray With Cup Holders

Rubbermaid Mobile Organization 3318-20 is designed to be suspended from an adjustable strap on the car's headrest and is designed to provide passengers with a convenient way to handle food, trash and entertainment items. It has a folding tray that holds up to 2.5 pounds of books, games, toys, electronic devices or meals, a detachable insert with two door holders 20-ounce cups and an extra storage compartment for various items like pencils, pencils, etc. It also includes 2-Bottom hooks for hanging bags of trash or storage, a non-slip back to keep the unit in place. The tray folds when it is not used. It can be easily cleaned by simply wiping the insert and the base of the cup holder with a soft, damp cloth. It's friendly and dishwasher safe. Rubbermaid, one of the 100 American companies named "Brand of the Century," helps you organize your life for decades. Now let Rubbermaid Mobile Organize your life on the road. ORGANIZATION: The rear seat tray is suspended from an adjustable strap on the headrest of your car to help passengers easily manage food, garbage and food. entertainment objects.
STORAGE: Two cupholders contain 20-ounce cups and a folding tray holds 2.5 lbs. books, games, electronics or meals. Two lower hooks hold waste or other storage bags.
SECURE: An adjustable strap passes over your front seat headrest for stable storage.
PRACTICAL: The tray folds for easy storage when it is not used.


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