Ritmart Baby Mosquito Net Universal + 2 Hooks for Strollers, Joggers, Car Seats, Carriers, Bassinets, Cribs, Cradles & Playpens. 50 x 46 inch. White Soft Durable …

The health and protection of your child is invaluable and they deserve the best things from us!

The package includes:
1 X Universal Mosquito Stroller
2 X Stroller hooks

– UNIVERSAL SIZE – Suitable for 99% of standard, small and medium strollers, and 3 and 4 wheel joggers. It is also perfect for most car seats, basins, cradles, cribs, games and parks.
– HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Made of white material, high density, durable, washable and durable, the net protects your child against all insects
– BREATHING SAFELY – Ventilation holes allow fresh air to circulate, providing comfort and ventilation to your baby, both indoors and outdoors

– INCREASED RESISTANCE – Can take up to 8 lbs (~ 8 kg) per hook and can be used as a rack for diaper bags, groceries, handbag
– UNIVERSAL FIT – These hooks feature adjustable Velcro straps to keep them securely in place on all brands of strollers, regardless of size.
So whether you have a bag full of diapers and bottles, or a backpack filled with snacks or books, this item is guaranteed to make your stroller's trip easier!

Safe products made of non-toxic / ecological materials, easy to install and remove.

Add to cart NOW and get ready to discover the DIFFERENCE!

If you are not 100% satisfied after the purchase, we will refund every penny.

Note: Stroller not included!

COMPLETE CHILD PROTECTION: The baby mosquito net provides 100% protection against mosquitoes, insects, bees and flying insects. It is also perfect for protecting babies prone to insect bites. The high-density insects net protects your precious against allergy and disease from insect bites
EARN MONEY, CHOOSE PREMIUM: We all want to receive or offer something more, so in addition to the MOSQUITO NET stroller, to protect your child against all insects, we also offer 2 HOOKS (sold at 10 , $ 95 on Amazon). You get double the value and the better quality than the rest, at the same price
Versatile, perfectly adapted: designed to be safe and delicate for your child when traveling, our UNIVERSAL INSECT NET can be used on all small, medium and large standard strollers, joggers, transporters, car seats, ponds, beds baby. , Cribs, packs and parks
You are ALWAYS HAPPY, your child is ALWAYS SAFE: Made of a white, durable and durable material, the baby insect net has an elastic border to hold it in place and allow for a great fit ( 50 x 46 inches). ). Ventilation holes allow fresh air to circulate, providing comfort both inside and out
90 DAYS OF GUARANTEE: We respect so much the quality and the safety of our products that we guarantee you that you will like them. So try them safely and if for some reason you do not like us as much as we do, we will refund every cent of your purchase.


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