Piggyback Rider SCOUT model – Child Toddler Carrier Backpack for Hiking Trails, Camping, Fitness Travel – Orange Bundle

The Piggyback Rider was developed in 2011 by the three brothers of Lifshitz, who, like many parents, had the impression that there was never enough hands or feet. shoulders to take care of their little ones while outside. Carrying children on your shoulders or traditional piggyback rides quickly becomes uncomfortable and causes back pain. They knew that there had to be a better way. So, they put their engineering spirit together and developed a solution … the Piggyback Rider was born! The first and only baby carrier on the market. Order yours today, take it for a ride, and find out why parents around the world are crazy fans! With two colors available, you will find the perfect solution for your family. With so many uses for our standing baby carriers, we invite you to check out the SCOUT model with our multi-accessory packs to enhance the experience of your riders. ORANGE BUNDLE INCLUDES: (1) award-winning carrier Piggyback Rider , (1) Child Safety Harness – Recommended for children 2-4 years old and up to 50lbs, but it can hold more if you can, (1) carry bag accessory, (1) accessory side pocket and (1) bottle holder accessory. PERFECT FOR TODDLERS AND YOUNG PEOPLE – Destroy large strollers, wagons and children's harnesses. Little riders like to explore. When their legs get tired, they just come back and roll. Ideal for hiking, shopping, festivals and the zoo.
EASY IN THE BACK – This baby carrier moves most of the weight on your shoulders, giving you a little rest. Fit comfortably for all adult sizes, spreading weight to support a normal normal position. For kids over 25 lbs, think about our hip belt accessory for added comfort.
LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE, DURABLE – The carrier weighs less than 3lbs and is designed for strength and safety. Includes 2 handles for small hands and an adjustable anti-slip bar.
WINNER MULTIMEDIA! We guarantee that your child will love your Piggyback Rider


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