Piddle Pad Car Seat Protector by Silverflye- Crash Test Safety Certified- Waterproof Liner- Potty Training Seat Saver Pads for Infants Baby and Toddlers- Leak Fre…

Silverflye Pacifier Pad – 100% Guaranteed to Protect Your Child's Car Seat and Car Seats Instantly


Have You Ever Been on the Road and Have you blew a layer as if you were on the highway without going out in sight? Imagine: your child is having a temper tantrum, you have to remove the car seat cover and clean or find something to put it in place until you can clean it up. AND you have to wait a whole day until it dries!


The Silverflye live cushion is made of a waterproof material tested to enhance and encourage the learning of children's cleanliness and independence. Establishes a stress-free environment in car trips and Tantrum Free with your child. The new rack pad and its innovative and absorbent technology will instantly protect your child's car seat and car seats. The waterproof design captures liquids from diaper leaks and propane drive accidents.


● Perfectly suited to most vehicles

● Textured non-slip leather bottom to prevent slipping out of position

● Very easy to buckle the seat belt into the seat car seat around your child

● Removes moisture from your child's bottom and keeps the surface completely dry

● Composed of a breathable absorbent inner sponge layer which allows liquids to pass through a layer of cotton and a waterproof outer PVC non-slip leather.

● Machine wash and dry

You will not find this technology anywhere else because Silverflye is the only company to manufacture this type. As soon as it is delivered to your door, take it out of the box and pour 8-12 ounces of water on it. Notice how good it is to absorb the water. Why should we suggest doing something like this? We are so confident in its ability to perform!

When you click the Buy button, you will receive this product in a few days and you will guarantee a stress-free environment in the car with your little one!

ULTIMATE SAFETY – This seat saver has undergone a crash test in a federally certified facility and meets the safety standards set by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). every six months and he has ALWAYS respected and exceeded strict federal security standards. All images before and after crash tests, videos and final certified summary reports are available.
LEAK-FREE BLEED PROTECTION – This protection is the only one of all waterproof seat covers. We contained the opening in a very narrow slot – just enough for the loop to pass through for maximum protection. Thousands of customers use these training cushions while their toddler is learning to clean. This waterproof seat protector significantly protects the car seat buckle hole against all other car seat protectors.
ENHANCE AND ENCOURAGE POTENTIAL TRAINING- Non-slip tested car seat cushion with non-slip leather. You will save so much time, the most valuable asset during a busy life with the kids. Your toddler will feel confident in the car with these pot guards beneath them. Take this car seat protector, put it in the washer and you're done! No more cleaning the car seat and waiting for a day to dry the car seat cover.
NO FLAME RETARDANTS OR HARMFUL CHEMICALS – Consider buying this car seat cushion for every car you own tested extensively and fits all brands of car seats, including including Britax, Graco, Summer Infant, Chicco, Foonf Key, Evenflo, Safety 1st, Peg Perego and more. We use the safest materials when making these waterproof car seat protectors, using nothing that could affect your child's skin. This waterproof cushion is soft and fluffy for maximum comfort.
THE PEACE OF THE SPIRIT -When you click on the buy button you will receive this car seat pad in a few days and you will guarantee a stress-free environment in the car with your little one! This waterproof car seat liner will keep your child's seat dry. Few seat savers for car seats instill confidence to gain the fundamental skills that your toddler needs to thrive and succeed with Potty Training. This car protector is protected by a full lifetime warranty.


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