NEW DESIGN Anti Lost Child Safety Leash Extra Soft Harness Strap Rope Wrist Link Walking Hand Belt for Toddlers, Preschooler, Babies & Kids by Together Safely Des…

Many kids like to run in malls, zoos and other crowded places. Parents often worry about the safety of children. We are here to let the kids be kids and let the parents have peace of mind.

Warning: This product is not intended to help children learn to walk. it is intended to give freedom and safety to children.

SAFETY FIRST: Reinforced steel wire and PU cord are sturdy and durable while being easy to put on, they offer independence and freedom to toddlers while protecting them at the same time
FLEXIBLE AND COMFORTABLE: Our new and improved wrist ties feature a comfortable wrist wipe with a soft sponge that feels silky to the touch. In this way, it is guaranteed that the skin of the parent and the kid are not injured and remain extremely comfortable to wear.
FREEDOM AND PEACE OF MIND: All you have to do is connect our safety harness to your child's hands, stroller, backpack or belt and they will stay completely safe!
SUPER DURABLE & PRACTICAL: The lightweight connection link is made of stainless steel and wrapped with a soft rubber plastic for children, very durable and safe both extensible and free.
ANTI-LOSS AND MOM APPROVED: Used only to prevent children from losing when they go out, but does not prevent children from falling and can not be used as walking training equipment.


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