NEW Baby’s Best Ergonomic Baby Carrier, Hip Seat – 100% Natural Cotton. Ergo Front Facing Infant Lumbar Back Support Lightweight Pockets

Comfortable, adjustable and safe baby carrier for women

100% cotton

🌈Easy to use, to use in all seasons and in all weathers, adjustable to your baby, comfortable newborn baby carrier.

🌈Use the full baby carrier or single saddle, a different position combination for a baby with a capacity between 0 and 25 kg.

🌈6 ways to wear baby to choose you according to your baby's growth, details in the instruction manual of the picture.

🌈Can be used in the kitchen, living room, park, traveling, etc.

🌈Helps to support baby's head while sleeping, out of the sun while breastfeeding.

🌈Can be rolled forward or downward for inward facing positions to provide extra support for baby's head, neck and back.

The helpers evenly distribute the weight of the baby in combination with the wide belt to maximize the comfort of the parents.

The adjustable shoulder strap and waistband all use wide and wide cotton padding

There is a foam pad inside the hip, which served as a seat for your baby when using the baby carrier. If you want to wash the carrier, remove the foam pad and wash your hands.

Product Use Guide

Keep your safety and remove some of the pressure from the shoulder and waist.

BandThe exceptionally comfortable waistband can be worn up or down at the waist according to preference and offers extra support for the lower back

IdesProvides reliable security with zipper and double safety lock.

SpaceSpace enough storage to keep a cell phone or simple baby products.

EatHipseat with environmentally friendly foam to keep baby in ergonomic position in any position.Made of 100% cotton and suggest a hand wash.Large baby shower gift for new dads and moms

ARC PERFECTIONAL ARC TO ELIMINATE LEG O-LEG – Ergonomic ergonomic 6-in-1 hip seat designed for wind would not force baby's thorns or hurt them by incorrect positions. Its design can help prevent muscle and bone development problems and abnormal leg curvatures.
❤ 3 WAYS TO WEAR YOUR SMALL – Face – Encourage gluing and allow you to monitor your breathing. Position of the backpack: Explorer. Sling Position: Ideal for breastfeeding.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN ED – Although it is a hipseat baby carrier, it is also designed for the growth of the baby. Parents can carry any position: front to inside, front to outside, single strap holder, seat and back of the hip. For babies from 0 to 36 months and whose capacity is between 0 and 25 kg
❤ 100% COTTON – Machine washable – All fabrics and materials are good for the delicate skin of your baby and are harmless to taste or chew.
WARM WARRANTY – We always respect our products. Your purchase is safe because we provide a 24-month warranty and 24-hour customer support!


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