MyTravelAide Kick Mats with Car Backseat Organizer – XL Storage Pocket – 2 Pack – 100% Waterproof – Premium XL Protector for Car Seat Back

If you are looking for a perfect car seat organizer that also serves as a floor mat, it's over!

If you are looking for a set of floor mats for rear seat organizers, you know how much back in very good condition and you and your children are happy on the trips. As a smart buyer, you know exactly what to look for when buying them. Well, look no further! At MyTravelAide, we went back to the drawing board and designed them to avoid the common problems that shoppers hate!

Why MyTravelHelp?

  • Designed for Long-lasting Durability: These are made to last! Guaranteed! Designed from high quality fabrics and reinforced by expert seams, they will go strong when your toddlers are teenagers!
  • Unique storage options: Of course, others have small mesh pockets, but NOONE also has a deep pocket dedicated to tablets and books secured by Velcro.
  • Two very large 24 "x 18" carpets cover both ENTIRELY The seatbacks do not look like those that leave places exposed to damage and dirt.
  • Effortless, universal installation in any vehicle: Do not worry about too short elastic straps that deform carpets! These Kick mats have extra-long straps that you can easily adjust to fit around your headrest and at the bottom between the backrest and the base, keeping them in perfect shape.
  • Elegant Design: Not only ultra-durable and functional, they look great too! What do you want more?

What Our Customers Said

"They Save My Car Seat"
"I love big pockets, there are plenty of rugs for snacks and l & rsquo; Electronic
"I'd love it, I would have liked that I would have ordered it years ago"
"You'll wonder how you lived without them" [19659011] Make a smart purchase today and love it for years! Click Add to Cart while Supplies! Not 1 but 2 Kick Mat Back Seat Organizers for less than the price of 1 of the others!
Unique car seat organizer storage solution -NOBODY else offers a deep, large, secure Velcro storage pocket for large books such as books, laptops and iPads
XL tablets will cover even the largest seats! Other leave the edges of the seats not pr Helped against dirt!
Designed from A to Z to be loved by customers – Stylish, Super-Convenient and Ultra-Long Lasting – The Ultimate Vehicle Accessory – What more can you ask for? 100% money back guarantee.
Extra-long, adjustable quick buckle straps allow quick universal adjustment in any vehicle.


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