My miumiu Baby Straps Baby Wrap Carrier Baby carrier (Grey)

Studies have shown that by the baby's embrace:
1, cry less (43% less crying baby all day, 54% less crying baby at night)
2, have a wider perspective (the baby who enters the stroller or who is attached to the car seat can observe the world only at the height of the adult knee.
3, much faster to develop the independence of your baby (to make them more confident, reduce their confidence)
4, better sleep! (They sleep faster, sleep longer)
5, learn more things (observe the world around them calmly and vigilantly, rather than over stimulation)

To take care of the baby: 1, baby carriers can support the baby's head and neck, and more suitable for small babies, especially when the baby is asleep, the baby's bottom and legs are supported by the wearers, and not hung up.
2, always make your baby feel comfortable, you do not have to estimate how much space to leave the baby, the porters are not too loose or too tight
3, very good quality fabric, 95% heavy cotton knit and elastic spandex fibers, the fabrics are ideal for baby clothes, the fabric of good texture does not deform, the elastic will not go away even after repeated washings feel soft and comfortable, compared to other baby carriers or orthopedic appliances, it makes baby feel warm, not crease, sag or deform.
4, carriers will not cause pressure on your baby, not like another hard baby carrier that leads the baby's bottom and stressful spine
5, No particular time limit for the use of the baby carrier, the mother and the baby will not feel the pressure, as long as you and your baby are comfortable, you can always hold him back with a carrier.
6, Give love as Kanga – this stand is suitable for premature people who can grow slowly.Extension material in 95% cotton, 5% elastane for a flexible comfort that lasts
Keep your baby safe and enjoyable – The baby carrier is 5.2 meters long, 0.54 meters wide, which allows it to effectively support the head, neck and back of the baby.
Suitable for all sizes of mom or dad. Just carry your body, no matter how big or thin you are!
From newborn to early childhood (8 to 35 lbs)
The exclusive design offers the bearer a 100% natural baby carrier, ready to wear, without buckles, snaps, rings or hardware!


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