Mountaintop Kids Toddler Backpack,8.7 x 3.7 x 12.2 in (OrangeA)

Product dimensions:
Height: 31cm / 12.2in
Length: 24cm / 9.4in
Width: 9.5cm / 3.7in
Weight: 0.28kg / 9.9oz

1. S-shaped braces: Padded and breathable mesh straps provide soft comfort while promoting airflow along your shoulders.
2.Sternum strap: Balance your suspenders and adjust it for a perfect fit. The reflective tape increases your child's visibility in low light.
3.Toy loop rope on the side of the backpack, you can hang your favorite kid doll or any accessories.
4. A zipped pocket, easy access to the item you need.
5. side pockets to hold snacks toys and bottles of water.
6. Wet laundry compartment and main compartment: Convenient for separate and organized wet laundry, smelly clothes or children's book for the children's garden.
7.The tag allows your child to write your own number or message and save it in case of emergency.
8. Supplied with a removable anti-lost safety rope that helps keep toddlers close and safe in the crowd, allows your little kids to play freely.
Removable anti-lost safety rope length: 91cm / 35.8in

About the return policy and our services
Do not hesitate to leave us a message if you have any questions. We will answer you within 24 hours and offer you our best services.

Washing instruction and maintenance
1. Water resistant coating fabric. Please do not wash with liquid detergent or bleach.
2. Clean with a damp cloth if necessary.
3. Dry in the air.
4. Please do not iron it.

1 * Toddler Backpack Name Tag: Let your child write your own number or message, and keep it in case of an emergency.
-Toy Loop on the side of the backpack, you can hang your favorite doll from the child or accessories.
– Detachable Safety Tie: Allow your cute little toddlers to move freely while having full control of their direction! Perfect for the airport, parks, museums or other crowded occasions.
– Remarkable padding: Mesh and quilted areas in the back promote air circulation along the back
-Toddler Backpack of 5 liters.Perfect for children under 5 years.


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