Mosquito net for Stroller, V-FYee Insect Bug Netting for Baby Car Seat, Infant Carriers, Cradles (Brown)

The mesh allows the flow of air and circulation to keep the baby comfortable and cool during use. And protects baby against mosquitoes and flying insect bites. Suitable for standard strollers, carriers, trolleys, packs and games, cribs, car seats and cradles.

MARK: V-Fyee

Equipment: Mesh Net

Why buy this net? This elastic canopy can simply keep insect mosquito mosquitoes on the outside of your adorable baby and provide complete protection without the use of mosquito repellent.

Avoid bits when outdoors at all times, especially in the summer and evening when insects everywhere. Suitable for 98% stroller: He designs with elastic that can extend to 59IN. So, it can adapt to most strollers (like Graco jogger stroller, Jeep stroller, summer stroller, Chicco Bravo LE stroller, ECT.) Diameter: This mosquito net baby insect net bug can be used. stretch up to 59 inches
Fits most baby carriers, strollers, car seats, bassinets, cradles
The best baby stroller accessory, provides protection to your baby against insects, bees, mosquitoes and flying insects without using mosquito repellent
Material: Polyester net
Net only, Do not include strollers (New item comes with the smell like new clothes, wash well and let it air dry before using it.)


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3 years ago

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