Messenger Bag Multifunctional Canvas Shoulder Bag for School, Work, St…

As a good sidekick, your Seed of Solace messenger bag is durable, loyal and always ready to complete your look and accompany you in any adventure offer!

The SOS bag is extremely stylish and made from high quality canvas that fits perfectly to a Macbook or laptop up to 15.6 "The unpadded interior makes the bag light and flexible. that you already have a ton on your shoulders, so we made the adjustable shoulder strap slightly padded to provide long-lasting comfort! all your wallet, your keys and your gadgets! This bag is ready for all the extreme follies and makes a excellent traveling companion!

Seed of Solace was founded in Seattle with the ideas and hopes to have a positive and significant impact on the environment in which we live. We do not want to be a for-profit company; more than that, we want to give back to the community. When you buy an SOS messenger bag, we will give some of our profits to children in need.

As a company, we are committed to providing you with the best quality and the best service possible because you are part of the community that is important to us. It took us more than two years to design, develop and test the bags to offer products that we are proud to offer. By buying our bag and sharing our cause, we do not only consider you as our customer, but also as our friend! Perfect for work, school, camping, backpacks, hiking and gym!
17 "x 13" x 4.5 "Elegant and high quality canvas bag that fits a Macbook or laptop up to 15.6"
Spacious compartment for all your needs, accessories, technological toys and books
Zippers for extra security and extra protection for extreme craziness!
The slightly padded adjustable shoulder strap provides lasting comfort. Completed with a faux leather finish.


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