Men’s Baby Carrier – Front Baby Carrier – Baby Carrier for Dads – By Mission Critical – Gray

The Mission Critical Baby Carrier is a front-facing baby carrier designed for dads. The Mission Critical Baby Carrier has a simple and intuitive design that makes it easy to put on and secure your baby. Your baby can cope with the inside or the outside, depending on his stage of development. Our high quality military grade baby carrier features a removable and washable liner, concealed sunscreen to protect your baby, MOLLE straps for easy attachment of additional accessories and a A unique secure vest design allowing total mobility and freedom of the hands. The outer structure of our tactical baby carrier is made from high quality 1000D nylon, an indestructible and extremely durable fabric, ready to face all the adventures of life. The interior is padded with a stairway air mesh and perforated foam that provides ultimate comfort for dads as it insulates to keep them cool. The MOLLE strap on the rear panel of the baby carrier allows our Mission Critical Carrier backpack to be attached to evenly distribute front and back weight and encourage adventure with your toddlers. This article is a great gift for new dads. Available in three colors; black, gray and coyote. Suitable for sizes up to 64 ". Complies with all ASTM regulations applicable to baby carriers. Rear facing baby carrier designed for babies of about 8-35 lbs.
Multi-pocket interior with front and rear MOLLE panel fully customizable.
Comfortable and ergonomic design for even weight distribution and maximum back support.
Adjustable lumbar support to help relieve pressure from the shoulder.
Integrated sun protection to create a protective solar barrier for your baby.


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