Makeup Powder Case with Puff, Segbeauty Refillable Compact Face Powder…

Features and benefits

• Allow you to go out with a stylish accessory, store loose powder, blush or eye cream to help you refine your makeup.

• Convenient to mix different bases to create a unique foundation for your complexion.

• You can also add skin care products, such as moisturizing creams or pore mattifying serum, which will greatly save your makeup time in the morning.

• When you remove the sieve and puff, you will get a sealed box to hold your necklace, gems, pearls or any other handmade accessory.

Product specifications

• Material: acrylic cover, ABS case, sponge

• White color

• Capacity: 60g / 2.1oz (measure with water, the powder capacity will be lower)

• Diameter * Height: 7.5 x 4 cm / 3 x 1.6 inches

• Packing list: 3 boxes of empty powder, each box of powder contains a puff of powder and a sieve

Portable and reusable – Large capacity with screwed lid, never worry about leaks, ideal for traveling. Easy to clean and fill with new powder in the empty box.
Perfect Makeup Accessory – Perfect size for storing makeup powder, pressed powder or loose powder, blush, creams, balms, mixing different powders at a unique DIY.
Value for money – Boxes of 3 pieces powder in a package, each box of powder is delivered with a puff and a sieve. Excellent makeup accessory for storing your face powder or skincare cream.
Elegant look – Pure white and elegant like milk, without any stain or impurity, the transparent top makes it more pleasant. Small round ball, never hurt your transport bag.
High quality – Made from a premium quality ABS material, ensures a super smooth surface like a mirror, and the acrylic lid with high transparency distinguishes it from the cheap and rough powder cases.


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