Makeup Powder Case with Puff, Joly Refillable Compact Face Powder Cont…

Small case with multi-function, do not miss it!
Convenient to mix different bases to create a unique foundation for your complexion.
With a stylish accessory, you can store loose powder, eye cream or blush to help you refine your makeup.
When you remove the sieve and puff, you will get a sealed box to hold your necklace, beads, gems or other craft accessories.
In addition, you can add some skin care products, such as moisturizing or mattifying serum, etc., which will save a lot of makeup time.

Product specifications

Material: acrylic cover, ABS case, sponge
White color
Capacity: 30g / 1.0oz, 50g / 1.9oz
Diameter * Height: 6.2x 2.6cm / 2.44 x 1.0 inches, 7.0x 3.0cm / 2.75x 1.18 inches
Package included: (1PC30ml + 1pc 50ml) X Empty powder cases, each powder case includes a powder bag and a sieve❤ Perfect makeup accessory – Ideal size for storing makeup powder, pressed or powdered powder, powders to DIY a unique foundation.
Quality High Quality – Made from a superior quality ABS material, a super smooth surface like a mirror, and the high transparency acrylic cover distinguishes it from the cheap and rough powder cases.
❤ Portable and reusable – three types of capacity with screwed lid to choose, never worry about leaks, ideal for traveling. Easy to clean and fill with new powder in the empty box.
❤ Save Money and Convenience – Each box of powder comes with a puff of soft powder and a sieve. Excellent makeup accessory for storing your face powder or skincare cream.
Looking Elegant Look – Pure white and elegant like milk, without any stain or impurity, the high transparent lid makes it more enjoyable. Small round ball, never hurt your transport bag.


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