LONENESSL Diaper Backpack Large Diaper Bag/Mommy Bag with Multiple Pockets and Extra Large Capacity, Stores up to 8 oz Bottles, Good for One Or Two Babies (Gray)

When going out, as a mother, you always have to deal with all kinds of problems, such as: baby clothes, baby bottles, diapers, etc. At the moment, we need a LONENESSL backpack.

So why choose us?

Big capacity: beautiful and practical design. We have a hidden capacity, as long as the back of the zipper is open, you can increase the volume of the backpack by 17%;

The back is beautifully designed: the straps are widened; handheld snaps can be changed on the back or by hand;

Rectangular opening design: all the contents of the bag are visible and the functional division is clear;

Design of bins with three bottles: deepen and increase the bottle bag, can store three bottles of random size; and configure the front net bag, can put baby towels and other small items;

High quality fabric: 600D Oxford cloth, 230D polyester polyester lining, suitable for waterproof, scratch resistant, easy to clean;

The anti-dirty leather design at the bottom: high-end and practical, waterproof, anti-slip, anti-friction;

Children's car buckle: As long as the backpack is not very heavy when you go out (too heavy, carefully spill the children's car), it can be hooked to the children's car, very convenient;

Rear opening design: the rear zipper is very convenient for picking up items at the bottom of the backpack;

Side pocket design: The side pocket has an opening for picking up paper towels; there is also a plug for the mobile power cord to charge the mobile phone.

Neutral design, diaper backpacks are a smarter choice than bags and slings because even fathers can carry them comfortably without feeling uncomfortable in public places and staying

HANDS FREE with shoulder straps We also offer a lifetime guarantee! So, why think twice? Please continue, you will have a before and a surprise!

Large size and very large capacity: 16.5 "x 10.6" x 7.8 "(9.8" enlarged) Expandable for an additional capacity of up to 17% with our new design. 6 regular gal, 7 gal enlarged.
Well done: Improved process to ensure the strength and durability of the bag. Solid zippers and well-stitched lines. Made from very easy to clean materials.
Well designed: The pocket in the front bag can be used for most bottles on the market up to 8 oz. You can put more bottles in the inside pockets if you want. There is a zipped pocket that can store wet items.
Well organized: interior organizer with 4 pockets and 2 zipped pockets to easily store diapers, bottles, tissues and other items.
Warranty and Service: You can get a 12 month warranty and a friendly customer service.


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