Little Things Mean A Lot Boy’s Christening or Special Occasion Outfit …

Each bag is made of 100% unbleached muslin, which allows the fabric to breathe while protecting the baptismal system or other special occasion against contamination by dust, dirt, light and chemicals. Overlay snap closure for complete protection. (without zipper oil) Included with each bag is a quilted hanger fully covered with muslin with vinyl covered hook. This bag allows the customer to access and enjoy the christening set or opportunity for years to come without breaking the seal of conservation used by many dry cleaners. The accessories can be stored in the bottom of the bag. Available in two sizes: # SKU: HPB26 (18 "x 20" x 26 "). SKU #: HPB38 (18 × width x 38 × length) Bag for girls, single length. 100% acid-free muslin, unbleached, breathable
Wide snap closure for complete protection of clothing and souvenirs
Includes a padded chiffon hanger with metal hook
Protects inheritance, traces and special clothing against dust, dirt, light and chemical contamination


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