LiquiSnugs – 100% Guaranteed Leak Proof – Silicone Travel Bottles (3 P…

Take your liquids with you

Have you poured your favorite shampoo into a travel bottle to end up with a useless mess on your arrival?
Have you ever enjoyed what you thought was your travel shampoo only for it to become a lotion?

Put these problems in your rearview mirror with TravelSnugs LiquiSnugs Silicone Travel Flasks.

With LiquiSnugs, we offer you two large bottles (3 oz) and an average (2 oz) perfect for all the toiletries of your choice – even condiments or sauces! They will not run away, they will not get you out of the safety line and you will not confuse the contents of each bottle with anything else.

Quality, waterproof constructionThe last thing you want to discover when you arrive at your destination is that the toiletries on which you were counting are now covered with all your plastic bags or, worse, inside your luggage. The LiquiSnugs anti-drip valve and modified choke neck ensure that it will not happen, while allowing you to easily dispense the contents of each bottle.

What? Who was perfume?: Never tried to wash your hair with perfume. We do not recommend it. That's why we provide easy-to-change labels that stick to every bottle.

Two sizes for everyone: Our two large bottles give you enough space for things like shampoo or conditioner, while the smaller bottle is perfect for perfume, cologne or whatever. All are easy to fill and easy to clean.

You will be happy – guaranteed: We fully support our products for their quality and longevity. If you have a problem, contact us for a quick or quick refund if necessary.

Do not leave without it! Order your LiquiSnugs today!100% GUARANTEED TO LEAK: We worked hard to modify these travel containers and tested them to make sure they do not leak! We are so confident in our waterproof travel bottles that we will refund you FULL if you encounter problems.
DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS: We believe that a set of two 3 oz bottles and a 2 oz bottle offers you the perfect combination to optimize the use of your limited packaging space. But if you do not agree, let us know and if you are numerous enough, we will adjust our next batch and inform you as soon as they are ready.
ADJUSTABLE LABELS AND SUCTION CUSHIONS: Do your shampoo and body wash the same color? No problem – our adjustable labels will stop confusion. And we know that a life in motion means that showers are not always spacious and practical. that's why we have cupping there – you can always keep them at your fingertips.
BPA FREE BOTTLE BOTTLE KIT: Made from food grade BPA free silicone, you can fill them with condiments, sauces or any other liquid you like.
TRANSPORTATION SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (TSA) – APPROVED: Take them in your carry-on baggage? No problem – all our LiquiSnugs silicone travel bottles are transparent and well below the 3.5 ounce limit for taking planes.


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