LAZYMOON Kids Carry On Luggage Set 2Pc 12″ 16″ Upright Hard Side Hard …

The description:
The beautiful suitcase includes a multicolored pattern, a multi-directional rolling suitcase and a lightweight matching backpack.
It is perfect for children to take this set of luggage to visit grandparents or to enjoy the trip themselves.

Color: pink deer
Material: Durable Polycarbonate / ABS Material / Nylon
Delivery weight: 6 lbs
Dimensions of the 16 "trolley case: 16" × 12 "× 8.5"
12 "trolley case size: 12" × 10 "× 5"

The package includes:
Set of 2pc suitcases (suitcase + backpack)
Dimensions of the 16 "trolley: 16" × 12 "× 8.5"; 12 "trolley case: 12" × 10 "× 5"
Adorable cartoon animal face, charming and attractive
Ideal for an excursion and a weekend or a day
Easy pull handle with double tube for easy lifting and pulling


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2 years ago

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