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Landisun aluminum luggage tag with stainless steel buckle for recognition of identity Excellent for discovering the luggage suitcase with metallic color.

luggage tag can not only help you find your luggage quickly, but fashion and convenience to carry. Landisun focuses on the customer experience
and promote the large luggage tag, designed with the special construction you want to show and hide on the map.


Color: black, shiny silver, blue, gold, red.
Material: aluminum alloy.
Size: L3.2 x L1.6 inch,
By a string and a screw connector to connect your luggage. You can write your NAME and ADDRESS on the business card to identify your luggage.
The obvious colors help you recognize your luggage at first sight, do not worry, take the luggage by mistake.

Package included (pack of 10)

※ Black luggage tag x 2

※ Shiny silver luggage tag x 2

※ Blue luggage tag x 2

※ Gold luggage tag x 2

※ Red luggage tag x 2

Each label includes: an aluminum alloy case + a stainless steel chain + blank paper + a PVC cover on the paper.一 "Metal Shell: The durable aluminum alloy texture outperforms the average labels on the current market.Size: 8 * 4cm.
一 "Stainless steel buckle: firmer than average labels in the current market.
一 "Match: 5 Different bright colors easy to identify your luggage of others similar.
一 "Useage: you can choose it for luggage, bags, briefcases, strollers, pet tags, keys, office identification tags, etc.
一 "Information Protection: Tags may include your name, address, phone number, but you can only decide to display your name and hide other privacy information on the map.


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