Labebe Toddler Backpack with Harness, Red Backpack with Bunny for Kid …

Heard about anti-baby backpack before?

The concept of anti-lost backpack was created from the daily life of our designer because he found that in a crowded mall or carnival, parents exhibited higher anxiety than in a normal situation.
From time to time, parents start screaming names or simply carry their children on their shoulders to save the screams.

Anti-lost backpack is such a solution that can relax parents and give children enough freedom in open spaces.

How it works?

The backpack comes with a tie and a solid hock sewn under it. The lanyard is long enough to allow mobility.

Children will not feel it on the run. You just hold the other end in your hand. That's it, simple but it works.

Is there an irritation to the neck or shoulders of my children?

The padded shoulder straps bring more comfort and release stress on the shoulders during a long trip.
Parents can adjust the length of the straps at the bottom and so no neck irritation is found for children.

Labebe's brand
Labebe is an international toy company registered in the United States and Europe.
We have spent 25 years designing and producing educational toys and baby products that speak the children's language and meet their growing needs, while making parents' lives more fun and easier.
Our lifecycle management, from raw material to after-sales, ensures that the products reach you with unique design, safe material, exquisite craftsmanship and attentive customer service.

🐰 SOLUTIONS FOR CHILDREN – CLOSE TO YOU – It is difficult for parents to have fun in public places when they fear that children will walk away. This safety harness attached to the bottom of the backpack will keep children nearby! In addition, the leash is quite long and they can have fun without feeling attached. Once your child sees it, he will love it and enjoy it a lot as a birthday present or Christmas present!
IDS CHILDREN TAKE CARE OF THEIR APPEARANCE – Parents always travel with tons of baby goods, thermos, comforting toys, books, and more. For example, they take the thermos from the bag of baby food when they are thirsty, the less they ask the parents. An independent personality will help them much later in school.
AP SHOULDER STRAPS DIFFUSED SHOULDER PRESSURE – Toddlers have a quick and strange move that impairs their physical development, such as the uncomfortable motion of the poorly designed table and chairs, the backpack even when there is less of things in the backpack. Think about your hiking bag, it's the same concept.
🐰 SPRING TOWER AND KINDERGARDEN BACKPACK – Children are very involved in the school tour before getting closer to nature. A backpack able to hold their stock during the day is very important. A lunch box, tissues, a thermos, maybe room for the spare cardigan can be installed. We have also designed a label on the inside of the backpack where you can write their name and phone number. So it can be used well as a kid's snack bag, a kid's beach bag or a cute travel bag.
🐰 BEAUTIFUL AND EASY TO IDENTIFY – Toddlers are so small and it's not easy to identify them in the crowd, and smart parents dress kids in bright colors. Same concept for the backpack. It also comes with 3D plush decoration for baby. The lining material is 100% cotton and it will not irritate the skin at all. The main material is cotton canvas which is stiffer to keep the shape of the backpack. All this makes it a red girl backpack or a red baby backpack, an indispensable red backpack.


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