Kids Walking Rope, Grab & Go (10 child). Teacher Designed, Premium Quality. Extra Safety Feature on Handles. Hi Viz Detail for Increased Visibility

I'm Elaine, a pre-K teacher, and I've created a range of award-winning walking resources for kids. As an educator, I know that budgets are limited and I am proud to make my products offer excellent value, be highly designed and help supervisors to improve learning by creating more organized and safer marches.

The Grab & Go Preschool Walk Rope is the latest product in my Walkodile range and is a great resource for more effective walking with children. Plus, it doubles as an emergency evacuation resource!

Available in a child option 4,6,10 or 12, one or more Grab & Go can be linked to each other.

For walks – Grab & Go is a robust walking resource approved by the teacher. Supervisors simply ask children to hold the handles in bright colors or, for added security, each child can be hooked up to the product with a Velcro closure on each handle. The handles are well spaced, ensuring enough space for each child. An adult grip is located at the front.

For evacuation drills – in an emergency situation, it is essential that children and adults can stay together and move quickly in a safe area. Although an evacuation can move easily and quickly during exercises, the evacuation of young children in a real emergency situation is much more difficult. Grab & Go makes it easy for children to move in groups, even in scary situations with low visibility. The spacing of the handles allows children to "go down and go" (crawl) while maintaining physical contact with the responsible adult.

Through the practice of evacuation and other learning activities, children learn to stay together and follow the adult safely. Bright color curls also promote color recognition.

Grab & Go complies with the relevant requirements of US security testing.

I hope you enjoy using Grab & Go as much as my class and myself.


The cost includes:1 x Grab & Go for 10 children. 1 x storage bag. 1 x set of instructions ★ BRAND N ° 1 RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN: Designed by a pre-K teacher specifically for walks with young children
★ OPTIONAL SAFETY FEATURE: Children can hold the handle or be attached to it for added safety
★ DOUBLE OBJECT: also designed for emergency evacuation practices
★ ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONALITY: One Grab & Go can be associated with another
★ IDEAL FOR CHILDREN DAYCARE & PRE-K: Made from very durable fabric, includes hi viz elements. Machine washable. Transport bag provided. Fully complies with all US requirements and international tests


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