JL Childress Gate Check Bag for Umbrella Strollers, Red

Use this practical and compact travel bag when you're checking a light or umbrella-style stroller to protect it from dirt and germs. The bright red color and the NEW GATE CHECK large graphic stroller easily identify your item for the return to the door. Made of durable yet lightweight material, water resistant for maximum protection. Easily fits most umbrella style strollers with drawstring closure and adjustable lock. Quickly put on the NEW spandex pocket for added convenience. Compact to fit in travel bags. Includes a strap handle for easy lifting, reinforced seams for added strength and a personal identification box. Not recommended for baggage check. Also use as a storage bag. Airline approved and recommended by luggage handles around the world. Trust J.L. Childress, the original inventor of the stroller and car seat Gate Check Bags and the number 1 brand in the car seat and stroller travel bags! Around the world or in the surrounding area, Travel Happy with J.L. Childress protects your car seat from dirt and germs by checking it at the door of the plane. Certified by an airline
To make sure this article fits your stroller: check the compatibility chart in the Technical Specifications section below (click on Operation Manual)
Made of durable material , lightweight and water resistant force
Quickly threads attached spandex pouch. The compact size fits easily in a diaper bag, backpack, stroller basket or carry-on bag; Not recommended for baggage check; Cord closure with adjustable lock; Strap Handle for Easy Lifting
Bright red color and large door control logo easily identify your car seat for door control and ensure safe return to you at the aircraft door. Identification box to write your name
Product Size: 45 "W x 15.5" W x 12 "H
Use it to protect umbrella strollers from dirt and germs
Corded Closure and adjustable lock
This item fits your stroller, see the compatibility chart below in the Technical Specifications section below.
Compact Travel Bag measures 4.5 "by 1.5" by 7 "


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